--- Level Up Your Grants Management System ---

My name is Lydia Sierra. For over 20 years, I have been working to help communities access the resources they need to grow and thrive. 

As a young professional, I ran my own nonprofit to uplift communities in the Bronx, and now, as an experienced fundraiser and founder of Lydia Sierra Consulting (LSC), I leverage my experience to help other organizations maximize their potential.
I was recently speaking with one of my clients about a public grant opportunity that could really take her organization’s mission to the next level. She was intrigued, but had three key concerns:
  • I have a small development team — how will I stay on top of all of the grantor’s requirements?
  • This is a huge grant — will I still have time to focus on my organization's day-to-day programs?
  • How will we track our deliverables?
Her questions are familiar to me.
All too often, major funding opportunities seem unattainable for smaller nonprofits simply because the reporting and administration process is just too daunting. For many, quarterly reports, complex payment requests, and intense funder oversight make these opportunities seem more trouble than they’re worth.

But I’ve also seen what these opportunities can do.

I’ve seen organizations turn pipedreams into real-world projects on the back of just a couple major funding opportunities. And I’ve seen them crush their deliverables, scale their impact, and most importantly, deliver transformational results to their communities.

And they couldn’t have done it without a sophisticated system for grants management.

If you’re looking to take the next step for your organization and start targeting bigger, higher-impact funding opportunities, then my grants management program is for you.

Here’s Why

Oftentimes, the only thing separating you from the organizations who consistently win large-scale grants is your grants management system.

With the right technology and the right team, you CAN be competitive and successful in applying for and managing transformative multi-year public and private grants.

You CAN meet all of your deliverables.
You CAN stay on top of all the requirements.

And most importantly...

You CAN do it all without sacrificing progress toward your everyday mission.

How I Can Help:

The key to a successful grants management system is organization. Keeping all your grant-related materials and deadlines in one easily accessible repository allows for a seamless reporting and invoicing process.

At LSC, we’ll take a look at your existing systems and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current organizational capacity to manage grantors. If you don’t have a system in place (or would like to upgrade your existing system), we will provide you with a brand new Salesforce database customized for grants management.

A customized Salesforce database acts as a central hub for all your grant-related materials — from proposals to award letters to scanned checks. Having all these materials in one place is valuable for a variety of reasons:

  • Auditing Process: As a nonprofit, you’re required to go through an annual audit to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations for 501(c)(3) organizations. Having easy access to all your grant-related files can make the auditing process a breeze, allowing you to quickly access any and all materials your auditors might need to review.
  • Staff Turnover: Systems can get disrupted when staff move on to new opportunities, making it difficult for new hires to get up to speed and locate the files they need to work effectively. With a customized Salesforce database, the whole of your organization’s grant-making history is in one place, making the transition to new staff as seamless as possible.
  • Data Analytics: Salesforce comes equipped with some pretty amazing data analysis capabilities. Using Salesforce, you can conduct advanced reporting to analyze your grant-making performance year after year and figure out which strategies are working and which are slowing you down.
  • Grant Reporting: Having all your data in one place can make the grant reporting process a breeze. Rather than having to reach out to program staff to get updates on deliverables, all your grant-related information can be accessed in one central place, allowing your development staff to quickly and seamlessly create reports for funders.
If you think a customized Salesforce database is a good fit for you, please reach out to me and my team. We’ve helped dozens of nonprofits gain access to the tools they need to get organized and crush their development goals.

Why I Love My Work

Over the course of my career, I’ve raised hundreds of millions of dollars from private and public sources, and have trained dozens of nonprofit founders and board members to build their organizational capacity and become better leaders. This has included helping organizations:
  • Evaluate their existing grants management systems
  • Build customized Salesforce databases designed to ease the grants management process
  • Become comfortable applying for and managing transformational, multi-year grant projects
With a background in community organizing and an appreciation for the power of grassroots movements, I can help your organization achieve success through my grants management program.

Over my time in the industry, I’ve learned a few things about myself:

I LOVE helping leaders navigate the everyday challenges of managing a nonprofit organization.

I LOVE helping nonprofit organizations raise funds and resources.

I LOVE strengthening organizations that are really making an impact in their communities.

My passion for the work is why one client called me a “unique consultant that offers a truly personalized contribution.” I am obsessed with delivering results to the amazing organizations who come to me for help with fund development and grants management.

Act Now

These high-level grants aren’t quick: it often takes over a year between application submission and project acceptance, so don’t wait! The sooner you reach out and get set up with your own customized Salesforce database tailored for grants management, the sooner you can start applying for and winning high-level public and private grants that will allow you to transform your impact and deliver amazing services to your community.
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